DeLesslin George-Warren

DeLesslin “Roo” George-Warren is a queer artist, researcher, and activist from Catawba Indian Nation. He has given lectures and performances throughout the east coast including College of Charleston, Vanderbilt University, Ithaca College, and more. His recent projects include indigenous tours of the Smithsonian’s Presidential Portrait Gallery which recount how US Presidents promoted colonization and genocide of indigenous peoples ( and a community project to revitalize the Catawba Language ( as part of the 2017 Dreamstarter Grant from Running Strong for American Indian Youth. Prior to relocating back to Catawba lands, DeLesslin lived and worked in the District of Columbia as a performer and sound designer for productions including Tyger (Meade Theater Lab 2015), One Word More (Meade Theater Lab 2016), and Crossroads (Source Festival's 2016 Artistic Blind Date Program). In his spare time, Roo loves gardening and taking long walks down to the Catawba River while pondering the impending climate catastrophe.